How Should I Smoke Weed: 15 of the Best Ways to Celebrate 4:20


Easily the simplest method of smoking on this list, all a vaporizer requires is a battery and a tank. These little devices pack a HUGE punch with most vape cartridges holding around a 75% THC content. Because of the high THC levels, a few hits of a vaporizer will be plenty to get a casual smoker lifted.


Smoking out of a joint is one of the most classic ways to smoke. This method of smoking will require some practice to those who have never rolled a cigarette or a joint before but is a great way to get a mellow buzz going. While it is not the most exciting option on the list, you can buy flavored rolling papers wich add an interesting element of flavor to your session.


Smoking out of a bong may be to advanced for beginner smokers, but once you have a little practice suppressing a cough, a bong is an excellent way to get extremely lifted. There are almost infinite options on the market for bongs, some small enough to fit in your pocket and some needing to be sat on the ground just to hit. Some bongs have multiple compartments with more than one percolator to cool and smooth out the hit, some have ice catchers which can be filled with ice or (if you are feeling experimental) with any variety of frozen objects (a fan favorite is frozen fruit). However you chose to configure your bong, after a few rips, you will find yourself super high.


A bubbler is a great middle ground between a bong and a classic pipe and is great for more beginner-intermediate users. It has all the conveniences and portability of a pipe mixed with the strong hitting effects of a bong. Just like bongs, bubblers come in a wide variety of configurations, some being larger than others but all of them offering essentially the same intermediate middle ground between a pipe and bong.


Smoking out of an apple is perhaps one of the most classic methods of getting buzzed. With a few modifications to the fruit you can easily and quickly make yourself a smoking mechanism which is sure to become one of your favorites. If your apple is refrigerated before you smoke, it cools down the hit significantly which, in conjunction with the hing of sweetness and tartness you get in the hit, lends to a very pleasant smoking experience.


Smoking your favorite strain in a well rolled blunt can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Just like joints, rolling blunts takes some practice and is slightly harder than the joint due to the lack of a gumstrip on the tobacco wrapper. However once you have mastered the craft, a blunt rewards its user with a very distinct high from the tobacco, nicotine, and cannabis working in conjunction. This method of smoking should however be exercised with caution as nicotine is extremely addictive so a blunt may not always be the best choice for a mellow high.

Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is a great way to smoke when you are out of rolling papers. Making a gravity bong takes more settup than an apple but with a little elbow grease, it isn’t hard to get incredibly faded. You can also buy glass gravity bongs which will look nicer and may be softer on the lungs but for free you can get a very similar experience and just as high.

Soda Can

Another classic method of smoking is using a soda can. By simply creating an indent in the body of the can and puncturing small holes in the ident, you can smoke your favorite strain by pulling through the hole made by the tab. If you are alright with ingesting a little aluminum this is an easy method to get a mellow high.

Watermelon Bong

One of the more creative of fruit smokeables, the watermelon bong is more of a cool party trick than a practical smoking mechanism. That being said, with a little work, you can easily craft on oversized bong out of a watermelon which will give you a surprisingly pleasant hit.


Smoking out a bowl is definitely the most beginner friendly method. Some bowls have a carb (a small hole on the bowl) which will allow the user to restrict airflow while pulling and, when uncovered, let the smoker fully clear the chamber. This is a super straightforward method of smoking which everyone should try.


Smoking cannabis out of a hookah is the perfect choice for smoking in a large group. Setting it up is fairly easy and once you are smoking, the mix of tobacco and weed will give the smoker a pleasant if not slightly mild high. While smoking out a hookah you can also mask the scent of cannabis fairly easily by smoking your bud with a scented tobacco.


One hitters are a small (typically glass) smokeables which, as the name suggests, hold only enough flower for (on average) a single hit. One hitters are a great way to help regulate the amount of bud you smoke and are best used to get a light buzz rather than a high. One hitters are ultraportable and easy to use and are therefore suited well for any level of smoker.

Corn Husk

While it might seem strange, corn husks provide an all natural smoking alternative to papers. Rolling a corn husk joint is the most advanced method, however with a little practice it becomes a great, healthier alternative to rolling papers. There are many benefits to smoking from a corn husk, the most obvious is that without the chemicals in the papers you lose the flavor you get from rolling papers as well as some of the burn. This provides for an incredibly smooth and healthy experience.

Hot Knives

Hot knives is one of the oldest methods of smoking cannabis around. All you need is a heating source (such as burner) and two butter knives. Heat the two knives until they are red hot and carefully, without burning yourself, sandwich a nug between the blades and press. Use the top half of a soda bottle to funnel the smoke as you pull in. This method will get you super high and is a very efficient method to do so.

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Dab Rig

A dab rig is the most advanced method on this list. Dabs are made by extracting thc and other cannabinoids from flower and then smoking the concentrate in a special dab rig. This method is only for advanced smokers as, due to the extremely high thc percentage, it is very easy to overdose on this method and have a bad high. You can learn how to make dabs at home from flower, however to ensure that your dabs aren’t overly potent and free of chemicals it is recommended that you buy your dabs from a reputable dispensary near you.

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