How to Get Rid of the Smell of Weed Inside

One of the principal complaints of marijuana is the smell. Some find it to be a relaxing aroma tied to good times, and others consider it to be an invasive nuisance. Whether you are burning one down on a Sunday afternoon or kicking back with your bong to binge mindless TV, no one needs to be clued in to how you spend your hard-earned relaxation time. The key to getting rid of weed smell is by attacking it both before and after smoking with certain techniques sure to keep your privacy intact and your neighbors happy.

Perhaps the safest way to be sure of privacy when smoking weed is to eliminate the smell before even smoking. By employing some or all of the following tips, you can mitigate the intensity of aroma when smoking.

Eliminate the Smell of Weed Before Smoking

Choose your strain carefully

Next time you are buying marijuana, consider a strain known for its light aroma and less intense odor. Some good choices are strains such as(source):

These strains are known for being relatively low odor and should keep the smell to a minimum.

Use an airtight container

Airtight containers are not hard to come by. It could be a tupperware kicking around your house, a mason jar you’ve had forever, or even just two plastic bags, but by storing your flower in an airtight container, you will eliminate most if not all the smell of unsmoked marijuana.

Consume marijuana without smoking

When it comes to odor, smoking your cannabis is asking for trouble: whether you’re smoking a joint, bowl, or bong, it will produce a much more odiferous cloud than if you were to use a vaporizer or eat your THC in edibles. Both of these options will be much easier to employ covertly without broadcasting your habits to the neighbors two houses down.

Make a Sploof

A sploof consists of a toilet paper tube, a rubber band, and a dryer sheet. Cover one end of the tube with the dryer sheet and affix it with the rubber band. The idea is to exhale slowly into the sploof, letting smoke collect inside the tube as it is slowly filtered through the dryer sheet. This method does a great job of beating the weed smell before it starts. 

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Buy an air filter

If a homemade sploof isn’t cutting it for your smoking habits, consider buying a device such as a Sploofy. The carbon filter is much more effective at filtering out smoke as you exhale and with replaceable filters, has a lifetime exponentially longer than a dryer sheet sploof.

Hawaiian Hotbox

If secret smoking is a must, smoking while running the shower can be an incredibly effective means of doing so. The key is steam, so turn the shower up as hot as you can. The smoke will dissipate with the steam into your bathroom fan and leave without a trace. To cover up a more potent haze, jam a towel under the door and spritz the room with some toiletries to help the fan cover up the smell.

If you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation, forgetting about the smell until it’s too late, don’t worry! With a little bit of work and a few items you probably have with you at home, you can effectively mask the smell of weed and fly under the radar while you continue to smoke.

How to get rid of weed smell after the fact:


A method as old as cannabis itself, incense does a great job of getting rid of “weed smell” with an enjoyable light scent. Incense also does a great job at hiding the visual component of weed by contributing its own smoke into the room.


One of the most commonplace weed smell deterrents is Febreeze. This common house-hold cleaner acts as one of the most efficient trigger-action odor eliminators on the market, and chances are you have it in your house right now.


Ozium is an air-purifying spray and a solid choice tested time and time again by the cannabis community. This spray will eliminate any smoke drifting around and provide a good start at eliminating any weed smell. Ozium will most likely not eliminate the smell of marijuana entirely, but when combined with any other method, should do a great job.

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Matches and a Fan

If you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place: you can’t smoke outside but certainly can’t get caught smoking inside, set up a fan with a good cross-breeze and light some matches. The sulfuric smell of the burning wood matches should be effective at covering up any lingering weed smell not flushed out by your fan. 


One of the easiest methods to employ to cover up the smell of weed will also be a great option to quell those munchies. Grab a bag of your favorite chips or throw that frozen pizza you’ve been eyeballing into the oven and at the same time put a bag of popcorn in the microwave, the goal being to burn the popcorn, covering the weed smell with the charred smell of burnt popcorn. 

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